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“I write to comprehend the plethora of emotions that exist in my head and heart. It isn’t until I see the words in front of me that I begin to understand my enigmatic self. Here’s to my soul on paper.”

Ajwa Sikandar debuted as a published writer with Floating Tears—a collection of poetry and musings, reflecting on various topics ranging from death and guilt to dreams, nostalgia, and even women empowerment. Floating Tears aims to give its readers some food for thought, highlight different social and personal conflicts, and give an insight into the writer’s mind.


6 reviews for Floating Tears Paperback

  1. Lamia Haq

    Amazing book, loved every poem in it and could relate to so many poems such as lost time, mind over matter, memories etc. Honestly excited for more content and lots of love.

  2. Suv

    Reading Floating Tears was the first time I read a piece of work written by a friend which was a unique experience in itself. It is one of those poetry books that can be so diverse with each page. Whether you like poems about being a woman, or being a human with so many emotions or whether you like poems about poetry itself, you will find it all in a single book. One of my favorite poem in the book was ‘Mind Over Matter’. Floating Tears is a resilient, thoughtful and honest collection of words.

  3. Durr e Nayab Masood

    Thoroughly enjoying this book. I am making it last, reading a few poems a day. The poetry has a kind of passion and depth I did not expect from a teenager. The poet has surely written beyond her years. I could almost picture yet not fully understand her thought process, which made it all the more intriguing. A lot is relatable, while the rest is soothingly insightful. Beautiful verses with a variety of styles throughout the book. The images accompanying poems are relevant and hence captivating, bringing forth a very fulfilling experience. So far, it has been a treat to read.

  4. Rabah Zafar

    Absolutely brilliant!! My favourite one being “heavy is the heart”, beautifully describing inner emotions. Each and every piece is so eloquently put together. I look forward to reading more of your work.

  5. Khadija Zafar

    Floating tears is one of those books that you can’t get yourself to stop reading once you’ve started, very captivating for sure. I’ve just got two words to describe it; literal goosebumps.

  6. Amna Zain

    Floating Tears has to be the first ever poetry book whose poems have been this enthralling! I prefer fantasy and contemporary books and never before has poetry captivated me so thoroughly; I absolutely cannot wait for any new content this author will – hopefully – decide to release!

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