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Written by 19-year-old Ajwa Sikandar, Love Hides Behind Different Doors is a collection of poetry that highlights the pivotal role of relationships in human life, primarily focusing on the various forms of love that enter our lives through them—out of which some are healthy and some aren’t. From defining love to encapsulating the different types of it that one can come across, this poetry book tugs at the heartstrings and aims to educate and spread awareness about what healthy love is and what it is not.

1 review for Love Hides Behind Different Doors Paperback

  1. Saleha shaikh

    Really enjoyed reading this. So beautifully written about the social issues faced by women in the subcontinent, specifically in the author’s home country.
    One of My favourite stanzas
    “Though I am water,
    Though I am tame,
    My heart burns for the fire,
    My love burns for the flame
    Like the woodland that falls
    Only to let it gow.”

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